The Big Marketing Idea Offer Framework

A very different 4 step copywriting and offer framework for creating a winning marketing message for your next marketing funnel or offer that can potentially double your new customers sales in only 30 days without using sales sleaze or hype!

How The Free Template Will Help You:

  • Create your big marketing idea using a proven 4 step formula so that you can present your opportunity with a unique hook and angle that will excite and engage your prospects
  • Choose the perfect lead to open your marketing message that will grip your prospects emotionally so thay can’t help to read your entire marketing message
  • Build a strong sales argument using my ‘objection eliminating process’ so that you can overcome all known objections so that your prospects see your solution as the ‘only’ answer to their big problem or deepest desire
  • Create an irresistible offer by adding the 7 critical ‘conversion’ elements so that your offer is so valuable that your prospects will feel like a fool if they don’t take you up on it
  • Use my 2 step proof reading process so that you can ensure that your sales copy flows and hits all the right buttons so ultimately your copy converts prospects into customers!
  • Follow my 3 step troubleshooting process so that you know how to turn a failing offer into a winning sales promotion

“When I write the copy for a new marketing funnel or offer, this is exactly the same copywriting framework that I use. ”

Download and use it…It flat out works!

Grant Delmege – Owner and founder.

Get My Big Marketing Idea Offer Framework Template So That You Can Create A Marketing Message And Offer That Turns Cold, Paid Traffic Into New Customers Without Using Sales Sleaze or Hype!