Facebook’s Ad platform went through some massive changes in 2018 especially after the big data scandal that rocked Facebook and its users to the core.

This scandal caused increasing distrust amongst Facebook’s users and hence, Facebook had to act fast to rebuild its reputation and trust amongst its user base and prevent people from leaving its platform in huge numbers.

So what Facebook has decided to do, is to change its algorithm and focus on giving all of its users the best experience possible on its platform so to rebuild the trust amongst its users.

And the changes that Facebook have implemented on its advertising platform have started to impact a lot of its advertisers in the past 9 to 12 months.

You can watch my latest Youtube episode of how to run profitable and scalable Facebook Ads in 2019 below –

The Golden Years Of Facebook Advertising

So if we rewind back a few years, most advertisers have seen huge success with running direct response style ads that drive traffic straight to offers or into some kind of sales funnel.

You could literally put up a simple opt-in page offering a free lead magnet or e-book and then setup a simple ad campaign promoting that lead magnet with short and punch direct response style ads and copy.

And this strategy worked like a charm for many years….

Many advertisers (including myself and my clients) have used direct response style ads and funnels, to run wildly successful and profitable Facebook Ad campaigns that generate millions of dollars per year however….

In the past 12 months, things have changed and the tactics and strategies that worked before are becoming less effective or worst case, are simply no longer working.

Another big thing that I am seeing is that people are seeing their ad accounts being shut down at an alarming rate and many people are questioning how to can they get their ads back on track and make their ads profitable once again.

But the big question is, why is this happening and why are direct response style ads becoming less effective on Facebook?

Well it all boils down to user experience and the big changes that Facebook have implemented over the past 12 months.

Above all else, Facebook wants to give its users the best possible experience on their platform.

And what this means for you the advertiser, your ads must give a good user experience to your audiences.

And this right here is a big clue as to why direct response style ads are becoming less effective and why so many ad accounts are being shut down.

Because typically, direct response style ads (you know the ones I’m on about) are focused on selling or pitching an offer and hence, don’t provide any value or give a great user experience.

Plus direct response style ads typically scream out that your post is an advert and hence this gives a bad taste in the mouth of many people scrolling through their feed searching for interesting posts.

So with all of the above in mind, it really is time for advertisers to change how they approach advertising on Facebook which leads me onto….

The 3 Big Problems Advertisers Are Experiencing With Facebook Ads Right Now

I am a member of a number of large Facebook Ad Groups on Facebook and these 3 big problems crop up time and time again with alarming regularity….

1) Facebook Ads Sets and Ads are burning out really quickly.

2) Advertisers find it hard to profitably scale their Facebook Ad Campaigns.

3) Ad accounts are being suspended and banned with increasing regularity.

I can guarantee if you are running Facebook Ads right now or you want to run them in the near future, you will experience one or more of the above problems especially when scaling your ad campaigns.

So now we know what the three big problems are, the question becomes, how do we fix and overcome these problems?

Luckily if you’re here reading this blog post, I am going to give you some actionable tips and solutions that will allow you to overcome the above problems and beable to run scalable Facebook Ads in 2019.

So let’s begin with the non-negotiable foundations you must use to build scalable and profitable Facebook Ad Campaigns.

The 3 Fundamental Rules Of Running Facebook Ads In 2019

As I alluded to at the beginning of this post, some big changes have happened with Facebook Advertising in 2019, which means the game and rules have changed for advertisers.

And this means, that the advertisers who don’t follow Facebook’s rules, will see their ads lose profitability quickly and possibly see their ad account go up in a puff of smoke to!

So pay very close attention to what I am about to say….

Facebook’s core goal is to give the BEST USER EXPERIENCE to its huge user base. Please re-read the above sentence again because it is critical that you understand what Facebook wants.

So in layman’s terms, advertisers who want to run profitable and scalable Facebook Ads in 2019 must give a great user experience with their Facebook Ads.

So this is why direct response style ads and certain sales funnels have gradually seen reduced performance and results over the past 12 to 18 months.

These strategies generally don’t give a good user experience and hence can gather negative feedback and hence ad costs rise, reach reduces and profitability and scale potential go out of the window.

So let me show you the three fundamental things you must do to ensure your ads give the best user experience possible.

1) Keep Your Ad Copy Conversational Rather Than Direct Response 

To give the best user experience possible, keep your ad copy conversational in tone just like you’re advising a friend or client.

Also add value to your copy so that the reader actually gets something out of your message.

You can do this by using educational based marketing by strategically educating your prospects on why your mechanism or system, product or service will help your prospects get out of pain or achieve a specific result.

The key is to really make your ad look like a native post from a friend rather than an ad that screams “I’m going to sell you something!”

2) Social Proof is King

Getting as much social proof on your ads as possible will be key to lowering your ad costs and increasing your ads reach.

Social proof is Facebook’s way of determining whether your audience are liking your ad or not.

And the most important social factor will be shares. If people are willing to share your ads, this is a big deal and hence, Facebook will reward you by lowering your ad costs and increasing the reach of your ads which means more scale and more leads and sales.

3) Use Valuable Or Entertaining Video Content –

One of the smartest things that you can do to give a good user experience and to build warm audiences of people who are ready to buy your products and services, is to run awareness level video ad campaigns that offer great educational content or entertainment or both!

Think of your video ads as mini TV commercials but you’re not pitching anything on your video ads but you’re using strategic content to give value and goodwill, build the relationship with the people who consume your videos, build desire for your offers and build warm audiences of people who have consumed your video and are ready to buy.

One of the best examples of doing this is Frank Kern and you can see an example of one of his videos below:

You can also see one of my video ads below as well:

Below is a simple video formula that you can use to structure your video:

  • Hook your prospects in the first 10 seconds with what they will learn.
  • Give your content strategically. Explain the system or mechanism that will solve their problems
  • Give a soft call to action for your offer

So now I have revealed the three fundamentals of running profitable and scalable Facebook Ads in 2019, I will now give you some actionable tips of how to scale your Facebook Ads profitably!

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Let Facebook Find Your Buyers For You!

Facebook’s algorithm is becoming smarter and more intelligent on a daily basis and hence, it makes sense to use Facebook as much as possible to get the results that we want!

So you should definitely be utilising Facebook’s five key features so you can reach more people and optimise your campaigns in the most efficient way possible. Here are the five Facebook features you should be using:

  • Start using Dynamic Ads so you can get Facebook to split test your ads for you
  • Use Automatic Placements so that you can reach more people but also to let Facebook figure out which placement gets the best results for you!
  • Use Auto Advanced Matching to more accurately figure out where your conversions are coming from
  • Use Account Simplification so that you can let Facebook figure out which ad creatives and placements are driving the best results
  • Use Campaign Budget Optimisation for scaling out your campaigns more effortlessly and automatically spend your budgets on the ad sets and ads that are driving you the most results

If you would like to read more about the “Facebook Power 5”, you can read more about them here: https://www.facebook.com/business/m/power-five

Target Larger Audiences To Reach More People

Up until recently, the general consensus when testing audiences was to use smaller audiences in the 500,000 to 1 million range to see if they convert however, seeing that Facebook’s algorithm is becoming so mart and efficient, you can easily test audiences in the region of 2 million to 10 million people plus and let Facebook figure out who will convert.

By using larger audiences to begin with, you will be giving Facebook more opportunities to find people who will convert plus, you will find it so much easier to scale your ad budgets.

Scale Your Ad Budgets Using These 3 Budget Scaling Methods

Scaling ad budgets has always been one of the trickier and more confusing areas for advertisers because there is so much conflicting advice out there however, whilst there is no set and fast rule of how you can scale your ad budgets, these three budget scaling tips will really help you scale your ad budgets up without blowing your numbers.

But just a quick word of warning when scaling your ad budgets, ensure your campaign is ROI positive so that you have the margins to scale, ensure your audience is at least 2 million to 10 million + in size and make sure that you are getting enough data and seeing at least 50 conversions per week.

But hitting the above targets, your ad campaigns are less likely to blow up as you scale your ad budgets.

Here are the three budget scaling strategies that seem to work the best-

1) Slow Scaling – Increase ad set or campaign level budgets by 10% to 30% every 24 hours

2) Fast Scaling – Increase ad set or campaign level budgets by 40% every 24 hours

3) Very Fast Scaling – Increase ad set or campaign level budgets by 100% every 24 hours

So which budget scaling strategy should you use? In all cases it depends on how well your campaigns are performing, how much data your campaigns acquiring and also the size of your audiences so my advice is to test each one to see which option works best for you.

But in tests, the very fast scaling method actually performed best which is kind of counter intuitive because generally, slower budget scaling methods have generally always been preferred.

Use Different Hooks To Reach New Audiences

One of the more overlooked aspects of scaling your ad campaigns is actually by creating different marketing hooks for your ads that speak to different avatars and segments of your audience.

The thing to remember here is that there is not just one customer type. You could potentially target many different types of different avatars by tweaking your marketing hook and ad copy.

Use Different Ad Objectives

One of the least talked about ways to reach more people is to use other ad objectives because here’s the thing, most advertisers only really use the conversion objective and by only using this, you will limit your ads to only targeting people who are most likely to become a lead or a customer and hence missing out on potentially millions of other people who might respond to your ads.

So what I advise that you do is to create some awesome content rich video ads and promote them using the reach and post engagement objective so that you can reach more people and build warm audiences of people that you can then drive towards your offers.

You can run these types of campaigns alongside your conversion campaigns.

And there you have it! If you have reached this far congratulations because you now know some powerful strategies of how to run and scale profitable Facebook Ads in 2019.

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