In today’s video blog, I walk you through my ACM paid traffic strategy of how you can take a stone cold prospect, turn them into a customer and then a multi-buyer whilst making a significant ROI on your ad spend.

So how does this traffic strategy play out? Either watch the video above or read the break down below…

  1. Awareness

The strategy all begins at the awareness stage where the goal is to make your prospects aware of you and your brand and to build the relationship with them through valuable and helpful content.

So what kind of content can we run at this stage?

I advise creating either helpful videos, blog posts or podcasts that give immense value, solve a problem that your audience has and helps them bridge the gap of where they are now and where they ultimately want to be.

Your content should give your prospects a small win and induce an “aha” moment in them so that they see your content as incredibly valuable and helpful.

You should place your podcasts and blog posts on your website or blog and your videos can be run on social media sites such as Youtube and Facebook.

Once you have created your content, it is time to start driving some traffic to it using either Facebook, Google or Youtube ads.

The ultimate goal here is to create an audience of people who have consumed a part or ALL of your content. At the end of the day, if someone has taken the time to consume your content, they have enjoyed it and they are now indoctrinated to you and your brand so now you can view them as a virtual friend.

How do you build your audiences?

You can place both the Google and Facebook tracking pixels on your blog or website so that you can build custom audiences of the people who have landed on the specific pages on your website that displays your content.

And if you have uploaded your videos to Facebook or Google, you can build custom audiences of people who have watched your videos.

So once you have built up audiences of people who have consumed at least 50% or more of your content, we can now start running offers to them which takes me onto the next part of the ACM paid traffic strategy…

2. Conversion

At this stage of the strategy, we want to set up either Facebook or Google retargeting ads (or both) using the audiences who have consumed our content so that we can drive them either into our marketing funnels or directly to our paid offers.

What kind of offers you use at this stage in the process is really up to you but here’s a general rule of thumb…

If you are selling products and services under $100, then you can set up retargeting ads and drive your warm audiences directly to your offers.

However, if you are selling mid to high ticket products or services,  then you might want to create a webinar or some kind of video launch funnel where you collect the email address first, provide further value in your funnel and then sell your products and services on the back of your trainings.

By driving warm audiences into your funnel, your cost per lead will be lower and your cost to acquire a new customer will be much lower to compared to going out to cold audiences. Why?

Because these warm audiences have previously consumed your valuable content and hence they like, know and trust you and hence will be much more receptive to your offers.

Make sense? Great let’s move onto the final part of the ACM paid traffic strategy…

3. Monetisation

So by this stage, we have acquired a new customer so what’s next? We monetise them and turn them into a multi-buyer!

This is your backend marketing process and hence, this is where the majority of your revenue and profits will be made. But how do we turn new customers into multi and repeat buyers?

By putting more relevant offers in front of them.

How? With email marketing and remarketing ads using Facebook and Google.

At this stage in your marketing process, you will want to use a combination of automated and one off broadcast emails to put more, relevant offers in-front of your new customers so ultimately they buy more from you.

You will also want to upload your customer lists to Facebook and Google so that you can run retargeting ads and put relevant offers in-front of them as they browse social media and surf the web.

And that’s the ACM paid traffic strategy in a nutshell!

*DISCLAIMER!* There is a small disclaimer here. If you have a great offer and a high converting marketing funnel, you can take your offers straight out to stone cold audiences. This is still a strategy that works but I would only advise this if you have a very strong offer and a high converting marketing funnel that is proven to convert.

If you have any questions or queries, post your comments below!

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