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Dear Friend,
If you have a product or service that you believe will alleviate your prospects deepest pain and satisfy their deepest desire then you need an irresistible offer that your audience cannot resist buying.
You see, an irresistible offer will be at the beating heart of any product launch, webinar promotion or piece of sales copy that you promote.
An irresistible offer efficiently and seamlessly attracts and converts prospects into buyers and buyers into revenue and profits.
And if you want an irresistible offer creating for your product or service, then we should talk.
My name is Grant Delmege and I am a direct response copywriter and digital marketing expert with over 10 years experience.
I have written sales letters, landing pages, VSL scripts, email marketing campaigns and native adverts for a diverse range of clients across many different kinds of markets.
Now that you know who I am, here is what I can do for you:

I can write you the following kinds of high converting sales copy:


  1. Long form written sales letters Video sales letter scripts
  2. Full email marketing campaigns
  3. Direct mail campaigns
  4. Native adverts
  5. Lead magnet and Landing page sales copy
  6. Webinar sales scripts
  7. Product launch funnel copy

And at the heart of every piece of copy that I write, will be an irresistible offer.

And if you want me to write you a high converting piece of sales copy with an irresistible offer at its beating heart, then I invite you to apply for a quote and a free consultation with me to discuss your project.

Our consultation will only be 15 to 20 minutes long and I guarantee that it will be value packed and you will gain absolutely clarity about your project.

During our call, I want to find out what kind of product or service you are selling and how it benefits your audience so that I can craft an irresistible offer for your sales copy.

We will also discuss what kind of sales copy that you require and what your campaign objective is so I fully understand your needs.

Then after our call, I will put a proposal together that outlines exatly what type of sales copy I will write for you as well as a quote to do the job and time scales to complete your project.

So to get your free and no obligation quote and consultation for a high converting piece of sales copy that has an irresistible offer at its heart, simply click the button below, fill in the short form and I will be in touch with you within 24 hours to arrange our call together.

I will look forward to helping you achieve some amazing results.

I look forward to talking with you soon.


 Grant Delmege