If you are searching for a formula or template of how to create a webinar that converts your prospects into customers then I have a webinar script formula that will help you.

Shortly I will reveal a 9 step formula that you can use so that you will know how to write your webinar script in a way that will hook and engage your prospects, build desire and ultimately sell your products or services.

But I will just quickly explain the basics of what a webinar is and how it can help you to generate more customers and sales for your business.

A webinar in its basic form is simply a way to present an online seminar or presentation in a live or recorded format.

Webinars are used a lot by businesses around the world so that teams can educate and communicate with one another easily online using live streaming video.

However in recent years, direct response marketers and businesses have been using webinars to sell their products and services by giving value first through educational content and then pitching a related product or service that expands on the content that was shared on the webinar.

And the reason why direct response marketers in particular have been using webinars as a sales tactic is because you gain build instant credibility and authority on your topic, you give immediate goodwill and value to your prospects by giving them actionable and helpful content and ultimately you get the sale fairly quickly in a presentation that lasts 30 to 60 minutes.

Webinars are also an extremely powerful selling tool if you sell high ticket products or services and many of the world’s top direct response marketers use them to sell their high end programmes and services.

And another reason to use webinars in your marketing arsenal is because they can be live or pre-recorded (automated) as they’re more commonly known.

So once you have a proven webinar that converts, simply record it and use automated webinar software so that people can watch it anytime of the day and the upside for you is sales day after day on autopilot.

So by this point you’re probably thinking; “this sounds great but how do I actually structure the content of my webinar and what is the formula that I can use to create a webinar that generates sales?”

Well fear not, I will now reveal my 9 step formula of how to create a high converting webinar script that will instantly excite and engage your prospects,  give you instant credibility and authority, give great value to your prospects whilst building desire for your products and services in a way that is natural and not salesy in anyway.

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The 9 Step High Converting Webinar Script Formula

The first part of your webinar is all about getting your audience’s attention with your big idea and big promise and engaging them so that they watch your entire presentation and see you as an authority on your topic.

1) Lead With A Bold Promise: This will be where you introduce your big idea for your webinar which will be your intriguing hook and big promise that will grip your prospects curiosity and interest so that they watch your entire webinar presentation. Your big idea will then be included throughout your entire webinar presentation

2) Hook Them: You now want to promise your prospects something awesome if they watch your entire webinar so that you can get as many prospects as possible to watch your sales pitch. This can simply be a free report, a cool tip or just something interesting your prospects will want to see/have

3) Command Attention: Get your audiences full attention by asking them to turn off their phone or other distractions

4) The Confirmation: Explain who you are and why you are qualified to teach your prospects the topic/content that you will reveal to them. This is all about positioning yourself as an expert on your subject or topic and showing that you are credible

5) The Difference: Explain what you’re teaching is different and overcome your audience’s objections and scepticism about your webinar content and big promise

6) Story/Bond: Tell a short story of how you discovered your solution (what you are teaching on the webinar) and get your audience to future pace and imagine what their lives will be like if they achieve your big promise. You will then transition into your core content (what you will be teaching)

The Content

This is the body of your webinar where you give high quality and actionable content that actually gives value but also builds excitement and desire for your product or service.

You want to give enough content so that your prospects can actually take it away and get results and also feel satisfied and happy about attending your webinar but not too much content that it gives information overload and cannibalises your product or service.

7) One Big Thing. This is where you will teach and reveal your content. Teach them one big thing based on your big promise and split your content up into 3 big secrets. You need to break and rebuild your prospects belief patterns that they can achieve the big promise that you made at the start of the webinar

8) The Transition: This is where you will transition from your content into the offer for your product or service. The most effective way to transition into your offer is by asking a question; “Do you want some more help achieving or implementing what you learnt on the webinar?” After asking this question, reveal the product or service that you will be teaching and speak to the big benefit and transformation that it will give to your prospects

Your Offer

This is the last and most important part of your webinar which is your offer. You want to make the most valuable and irresistible offer possible so that it seems like a no-brainer deal to purchase your product or service.

9) The Close: This is where you will reveal the offer for your product or service. Use the stack method to display your offer and make your offer high value and benefit driven. Show the value and benefits that they will receive outways the price that they will pay.

So that is the 9 part formula for creating a high converting webinar script that will turn prospects into customers.

But as an added bonus, I will now give you 9 more bonus tips that will help you even further when creating your webinar script.

  1. It is important to begin your webinar with a bang and present your big idea and big promise that will ultimately help your audience achieve a specific desired end result or overcome a painful problem.
  2. Build desire and excitement ultimately for your product or service by teaching the core concepts that are centred around your training and show case studies and real results of how your product or service has helped other people achieve amazing results or overcome a painful problem.
  3. Addess and overcome all known objections your prospects will have about your webinar, your big promise, you and your credibility, your content, their limiting self-beliefs in achieving your big promise and your product or service. Overcome all objections by hitting them head on and turn objections into benefits
  4. Talk about the transformation that your product or service will give your audience. This can be communicated in your core content by explaining your own journey of how you discovered your solution that you will be teaching and how it transformed your results/life and how it can do the same for your audience.
  5. Construct your offer for your product or service using the stack method. List each element of your product or service on top of each other and assign each key element a monetary value. Then add on your bonuses and assign each bonus a monetary value and build the value up for your offer. Recap your offer and everything that they are getting two to three times with the total monetary value. Then once you have built up the value of your offer, price drop and reveal the price that they will actually pay
  6. Overcome price objections by trivialising the price so that it seems insignificant compared to the big result and benefits that they will achieve
  7. Give the strongest possible guarantee that you can. Give at least a 60 day guarantee or more. Guarantee results and ultimately remove all buyer fear so that the prospect feels safe making a purchase
  8. Use genuine urgency in your offer to get your prospects to buy now and not tomorrow. Use time limited offers or bonuses, limited spots or product units or any other tactic that makes your prospect buy now and not later
  9. Have a strong and clear call to action so that your prospect knows exactly what to do so that they can make a purchase. Recap the key benefit or big promise that you made, recap the value of what they are getting so that your prospect knows that they are getting a killer deal

So there you have it! You now have a formula for creating a high converting webinar script that will turn prospects into buyers!

So take action and start creating your very own high converting webinar today!

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