The strategy sales funnel is one of my favourite sales funnel models as it is relatively easy to design and build and it is a fantastic way to attract high paying customers and clients.

This is a customer acquisition sales funnel model and as mentioned above, the goal of this sales funnel is to attract high paying customers and clients, get them on the phone or a video call for a free strategy session where you can give value and then close them as a new customer or client.

This is the sales funnel for you if you offer a one on one service such as coaching, consulting or done for you services. It is also a great sales funnel to use if you offer high end software and want to get potential clients on a sales call for a potential demo before doing your sales pitch.

I personally use this sales funnel model in my business a lot. It just flat out works if you want to attract high end clients and I will now break down each critical step in this sales funnel for you now.

Below is a blueprint of the strategy session sales funnel:

Strategy Session Sales Funnel

I will now break down the 5 critical parts that make up this effective sales funnel for you below.

  1. The Lead Magnet

Strategy Session Sales Funnel 2

Your lead magnet is designed to convert the traffic that you send to it into new highly targeted leads that you can close for your strategy sessions.

Again the same rules apply for your lead magnet. Below are 3 critical elements that your lead magnet must have:

  • Offer a very specific solution to a very specific market
  • Promise “One big thing” as opposed to lots of little things
  • Speak to a known desired end result

However, seeing that we are priming leads to convert them for a free strategy session, you should splinter a part of your main service out and offer it as your lead magnet.

Your lead magnet must be valuable, solve a specific problem, but is useful but incomplete. For example, if you are a copywriter, you could offer a template for 3 of the best high converting headline formulas. Or perhaps a template of a powerful copywriting formula.

Whatever you offer as your lead magnet, it must be specific and solve your audiences main problem but it must also flow naturally into your free strategy session offer on the thankyou page after opt-in which takes them one step closer to their desired end result.

  1. Thank you & Free Strategy Session Offer

Strategy Session Sales Funnel 3

This is your thankyou page that a new lead will fall on after opt-in. The first thing that you must do is thank your prospect for applying to get your lead magnet and then you need to let them know how long it will take them to access it. You then want to pivot into your free strategy session offer.

The important thing to remember when you offer free strategy sessions is that you must offer a big no brainer offer where you offer to help someone for free with which solves your prospects problems and moves them further towards their desired end result.

You will then present your free strategy session offer as a standard long form sales letter or a video sales letter.

I have also tested in the past offering a video tutorial that gives a short but valuable training that gives immediate value upfront to your new leads with a soft pitch for the free strategy session at the end of the short video tutorial. This approach also worked quite well.

In terms of conversion rates for this offer, I often convert around 10% of new leads immediately after opt-in.

The next part of the sales funnel is the free strategy session application.

  1. Free Strategy Session ApplicationStrategy session sales funnel 6

The next stage is to get your prospect to apply for their free strategy session. To do this, I simply use Wufoo forms (there are other form providers available) and you simply want to ask your prospect a few relevant questions about the problems they are having and to get their contact details.

If your prospects don’t sign up for your strategy session at the first visit ( and most people won’t) you will need to have a follow up email marketing campaign so that you can indoctrinate your new leads, explain who you are, what your expertise is and what you stand for and to give value and goodwill in advance in the form of awesome content before marketing your free strategy session through a short engagement campaign.

  1. Follow Up Email Marketing Campaign

Strategy Session Sales Funnel 4

The next stage if your new leads don’t sign up for your free one on one strategy session (And the majority won’t) is to put them into a followup engagement email marketing campaign.

The purpose of this follow up email marketing campaign is to deliver your free lead magnet, indoctrinate your new leads, give them a lot of goodwill and value in advance in the form of relevant and actionable content and then to promote your free strategy session through a simple engagement email series.

The final part of the sales funnel is your actual free strategy session with your prospect.

  1. Free Strategy Session

Strategy Session Sales Funnel 5

The final and obviously the most important part, is your one on one strategy session with your new prospect. When I have free strategy sessions with prospects, I always like to help them in advance so that I give goodwill and value to the prospect and also to demonstrate my expertise.

Then crucially at the end of the session, I go into the close. I personally don’t do hard sells I simply use the collaborative close method by asking my client a powerful three word close which is, “want some help?”

Invariably most people want help with something, especially if they have a problem they want to solve and when the prospect says yes, you can then go into your pitch for your product or service and how it can help them to achieve their goals or the results that they want.

However for your close to work well, it is very important that you have a clear offer in mind that you will pitch to your prospect at the end of your strategy session.

And that is the strategy session sales funnel model! If you sell high end one on one coaching, consulting, done for you services, or SaaS or enterprise software, this is the perfect sales funnel for you.

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