A lot of digital and direct response marketers struggle to position the upsells in their sales funnel the right way after their initial welcome or tripwire offer and hence their sales suck. Are you one of them?

They will simply try and oversell the upsells in their sales funnel because they feel that they need to because they are selling at a higher price point. They will write their upsell sales copy just like it was a standard sales letter or VSL selling a product to a cold audience and this is why sales and conversions will suck because the pitch is wrong. Why I hear you ask?

Well your welcome offer which is the first low ticket offer in your sales funnel after opt-in, has already done all of the hard work for you because it has acquired a customer for you. It has sold that prospect on that subject and they are now in a buyers mind set and potentially want to buy MORE.

You see, a buyer is 10 times more likely to make another purchase immediately in your sales funnel after buying your initial welcome offer. The reason why is when you buy something, you get a rush of dopamine and you get a high and your brain wants more so this is why  people are more likely to make more purchases in your sales funnel and go on a buying frenzy.

Your job is to capitalise on your customers buying frenzy QUICKLY by giving them relevant and no brainer upsells that perfectly complement your initial welcome offer.

So when putting together your VSL’s for your upsells, you don’t need to sell your new buyers so hard on your upsells because they are already in the buyers mind set and want more. So all you have to do is give them more of what they want.

The best way to explain this is when you go to Mcdonald’s which uses this very same upsell strategy which has allowed them to build a multi billion dollar empire.

When you first go into Mcdonald’s, you are looking around deciding what you want.  Your brain is in decision mode and you are assessing what burger that you want to eat. And the burgers in Mcdonalds are the welcome or tripwire offer.

So when you finally make your decision to buy a Big Mac, the sales attendant will say, “want a fries and drink with that”? You naturally say yes because it is a no-brainer compliment to your burger and it just makes sense (You are now in buyer mode). And then the attendant will say, “want a large fries and drink”? And then you think to yourself, “yeah why not” and go large because again, it is a natural upsell from just getting a normal sized drink and a fries that compliments your burger.

Do you see where I am going with this? When you first go into Mcdonalds, you are trying to decide what you want and you are making your buying decision about what you want to eat. When you have decided what burger or meal you want, the following upsells are a total no brainer because you have made your decision and the drink and fries upsell along with the go larger option are a no brainer because you are now in a buyers mind set and the upsells naturally compliment what you have ordered and they are a killer and no brainer deal.

And this is exactly the same psychology that prospects entering your sales funnel will have when they first enter your sales funnel for your lead magnet and then land on your welcome offer.

They will first flick through your welcome offer to see if it appeals to them and crucially if it solves a particular problem that they are experiencing. Once they make a decision to buy and then land on your next upsell, it will be much simpler to sell them on the next upsell as long as it naturally complements and extends on from your welcome offer because they are in buyer mode and they want MORE. All you need to do is give them a no brainer deal and give it to them FAST.

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Create Upsells That Flow

Now with that being said, you can’t just slap any old upsells in your sales funnel and hope to seamlessly upsell new customers. You need to ensure that all of your offers in your sales funnel are all completely congruent and complement one another.

Each upsell in your sales funnel simply gives more to your customers and takes them one step closer to their desired end result. So how do you create irresistible upsells that flow seamlessly into one another? The answer lies with a strategy called ‘product splintering’.

Product splintering is a strategy whereby you have a ‘main’ or ‘central offer’ in your sales funnel and you simply ‘splinter’ pieces of that product out and offer them as your welcome or tripwire offer and your lead magnet.

By doing this, you are creating a seamless upsell path where your lead magnet, welcome offer and central offer all seamlessly flow into one another and simply offer MORE of what your customers really desire.

And if you have a central product that solves your audience’s biggest problem or pain point and you use the product splintering strategy, you will beable to create a sales funnel that converts effortlessly because all of the offers in your sales funnel compliment each other, flow seamlessly and you are simply giving your customers MORE with each ascending offer in your sales funnel.

How To Structure Your Upsell VSL

One of the biggest problems that marketers face when putting together the sales copy for their upsell VSL’s is how to structure the copy. Where many marketers go wrong is that they fail to acknowledge the previous action or purchase and simply go into a whole new pitch for a product where they try and convince a new customer to buy more.

Structuring your upsell VSL’s in this way will not only leave your new customers confused but most likely annoyed because you haven’t told them how or when they will receive their previous purchase and now you are immediately trying to bash them over the head to buy something else with a hard sales pitch.

Remember, you don’t need to give your new customers a hard pitch because they have already bought your welcome offer and they are in buyer mode. The psychology of your upsell process is totally different now. You don’t need to do anymore marketing or hard pitching because they are already sold on the topic and your solution. You just need to offer them more with a no brainer deal, that compliments the last purchase and fast.  And this the key to maximising sales with your frontend upsells.

So when putting together your sales copy for your upsell VSL’s, you first need to acknowledge their previous purchase, give basic access instructions, explain what they have bought is part of a larger solution and then offer to upgrade their purchase. That is how you do it.

And you don’t want your VSL to be long, you want to offer your upgrade quickly and keep your VSL to around 7 minutes in length. There is no hard pitching required because you already acquired a new customer, you sold them on the topic, they decided to purchase your welcome offer so all you need to do now is offer them more and upgrade their purchase with a killer upgrade offer so that they can reach their desired end result faster. That’s it!

So when creating your funnel upsell VSL’s, keep the conversation congruent from their last purchase and offer them a no brainer upgraded offer quickly. This is the key to creating upsells that sell.

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