In today’s blog post, I am going to reveal the 4 step process that I used to generate one of my clients, 128 hot leads that resulted in £3,805.02 in sales and a return on Facebook advertising spend of 1,225%.

Just to give you a bit of back ground information, I have been working with this particular client who runs a successful canape catering company for about 18 months and he wanted to generate more leads and sales for his business. And this was the strategy that I designed and implemented for him.

So let’s get straight into the case study!

Step 1) I created a Facebook Lead generation campaign using my clients website custom audience

I first created a new Facebook campaign using the website conversions objective so that we can optimise the campaign for conversions and generate as many leads as possible for my client.

I then used my clients website custom audience for the targeting which I know is a super targeted audience with a mixture of fans and high paying customers. The audience has only around 3,000 people on it which is fairly small but incredibly responsive.

I then set the budget to only £3 per day so that we didn’t cannibalize the audience on a daily basis and I set the bidding and pricing strategy to website conversions and we let Facebook automatically bid for impressions for us which I know would get my client the most amount of leads for the least cost.

I started off testing both mobile and desktop placement for the adverts to see which placement generated the most amount of leads for the least cost.

The final part was to create the campaign advert which you can see here:


canape FB ad image


I will walk you through how I write the sales copy for my Facebook adverts..

  1. I nearly always start by asking my audience a question and where relevant, I will try and hit their pain point to identify their main problem.
  2. I then provide my solution to the problem.

With the above Facebook Advert, I started the advert with a question and asked a relevant question to my clients audience. I then laid out our offer which was to download my clients canape menu and receive an immediate 25% discount off their order.

I then used a high quality image of one of my clients most popular canapes and then put the key hook to our offer on the image which was a 25% discount off their order.

I then re-iterated the offer for the advert headline and recapped the whole offer for the advert description. I then added a ‘download’ call to action button.

Step 2) I Created A High Converting Lead Magnet

The next step in the process was to create a benefit driven lead magnet that was congruent and used the same messaging as the Facebook advert. Here is the lead magnet that I created:

canapebox landing page image 2


Ok I will walk you through how I wrote the sales copy for the lead magnet…

  1. Headline: For the headline, I used a direct approach that re-iterated the main benefits of our offer which is exactly the same as the headline in the campaign Facebook advert hence keeping the messaging congruent.
  2. Sub-heading: I then simply used exactly the same sales copy for the sub heading that I used as the main copy in the campaign Facebook advert. Which is essentially asking a question that is relevant to the audience and then providing the solution and offer.
  3. I then made a list of benefit driven bullet points that high light the offer and list the benefits of my clients service.
  4. I then used a strong call to action which asks the user to download my clients menu and also to receive their 25% discount.
    When we drove traffic to this lead magnet, it had a 45% to 50% conversion rate which is very good. The reason why it converted so well is because we were targeting a highly targeted audience and the lead magnet is very specific and offers a very clear benefit to the audience which is to receive a big discount.
    This particular lead magnet was also created fairly easily using a web page builder called lead pages. Anyone could build a lead magnet with this programme. It’s super simple to use!

Step 3) Create A Welcome Offer For New Leads To Encourage Them To Buy Immediately

The next part of the strategy, was to create an immediate welcome offer that would immediately thank the new lead for requesting the menu, give them their discount coupon code and encourage them to use it immediately with an enticing offer which was an enticing canape menu selection.

You can see the welcome offer page here:

canape box thankyou page


Unfortunately there wasn’t enough room to show the whole page, but the welcome offer is the thank you page directly after a new lead opts-in. The purpose of this offer, was to get the new leads to use their discount code immediately and make a purchase so that my client can generate new customers and recover some, if not all of his advertising costs.

This particular offer, converted around 5% of all leads who landed on the page.

Step 4) I Created a 9 Part Indoctrination And Engagement Email Marketing Campaign

This part of the sales funnel and campaign was where most of the sales were made and is the most crucial part of the process.

There were two important sequences to the email marketing campaign which are as follows:

  1. 2 Indoctrination Emails
  2. A 7 Part Engagement Series

So breaking down the indoctrination series…

  1. The first email the menu download and gives the user their discount code which crucially lasts for only 30 days which creates urgency.
  2. A welcome indoctrination email which explains who my client is, what their business is about, the benefits and also what to expect next.

Before I go any further, this is a very important thing to understand…

You can’t engage a new lead to purchase from you until they have been indoctrinated first. A new lead needs to know who you are, what you stand for, what benefits they will get and crucially begin to trust you and your business.

This critical process turns strangers into friends.

The next step was to create the engagement series…

I wrote my client a 7 part drip fed engagement series that take a direct benefit approach with urgency to get the new leads to use their discount code and to make a purchase.

The engagement series emails were sent out, every 3 days. Below are the subject lines for the emails:

  1. Use your 25% discount with flexible delivery
  2. Delicious canapes delivered direct to you
  3. Canapes delivered to you in 48 hours
  4. Fast and efficient canape delivery
  5. Love our canapes of get your money back
  6. 13 days left to claim your 25% discount
  7. You have one day left to save instantly

With the email subject lines, I took a direct benefit approach seeing that they have opted in to download a menu and receive a discount. So the subject lines simply carry on the topic of conversation from the lead magnet.

Whilst the last 3 emails still use a direct benefit subject line, email 5 over comes and addresses customer fear with a money back guarantee, whilst email 6 & 7 inject urgency into the messaging, by saying that time is running out to claim their 25% discount.

The email body text took a very similar approach to the subject lines with a direct benefit approach, which expanded on from the email subject lines. I included two links to my clients canape order page from within the emails to maximise click through rates, but I also added urgency into the emails as well, to urge the new leads to take action and to make a purchase with their discount code.

So after 4 weeks here are the results that were achieved:

  • 128 pre-qualified hot leads generated
  • Offer conversion rate: 5%
  • Total revenue generated: £3,805.02
  • Total advert spend: £287.14
  • Gross ROI: 1,225%

And now we know that the campaign is converting well, I can now scale the campaign and  create a lookalike audience based on the conversion pixel of all of the leads who have converted, so that we can create a new audience of people that we can target so that we can generate even more leads and customers for my clients business.

So here are the takeaways from this case study:

  • Create a Facebook lead generation campaign using the website conversion objective
  • Create a website custom audience of people who have visited your website and target this audience, with a targeted Facebook advert & campaign
  • Build a high converting lead magnet and sales funnel to turn new leads into customers and to generate immediate revenue
  • Create a targeted email marketing campaign to turn new leads into customers and customers into multi customers so that you can maximise ROI

This is process is how smart marketers generate ROI on their Facebook advertising and the other PPC platforms. And crucially, how they can quickly scale their campaigns, to multiply their revenue and create fast growth for their business.

Got any questions or views? Hit me up in the comments below!

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