Email marketing is still an incredibly effective way to communicate with your prospects however, the days of just sending the same content and offers to the same list will result in poor engagement and poor sales.

The smarter way to communicate with your email subscribers, is to segment them based on their behaviour and the topics they have shown an interested in and then drop them into a campaign that sends them relevant content and offers based around that interest.

Using this strategy will not only boost your email engagement, but it will boost your sales whilst reducing unsubscribe rates.

Whilst there are many different kinds of campaigns that you can use, I am going to share a campaign with you that I am using in my business right now that segments users based on their behaviour and topics that they have shown an interest in.

I call this kind of campaign the goodwill campaign and it is a great campaign to use when people first join your mailing list because you give goodwill and value upfront in the form of awesome content but at the same time, subtly selling them something through your content and offers.

It also allows you to segment your email subscribers into targeted campaigns that they have shown an interest in and hence, boosting your engagement and results because you are only sending them content and offers that are of interest to them.

You can run a number of these kinds of campaigns with each one focused on a particular interest or topic and ultimately an offer that will be promoted from within the campaign content and through direct offers.

Below is a diagram of the goodwill campaign and I will explain how it works.

Goodwill campaign

At the top of your sales funnel will be your lead magnet, and when someone opts-in to your list, they will be sent your welcome email that indoctrinates new leads and then they will then receive the first of 3 lead magnet delivery emails.

When someone opts-in to your list to receive either a free report, video or checklist, normally most people will only send one lead magnet email and then they will start sending them blanket content and offers to their whole list.

Statistics show (and you can check this for yourself), that only 50% of people who opt-in to get your lead magnet will actually open your lead magnet delivery email and hence 50% of your audience never get the lead magnet that they originally opted in for.

Now this is a weak point in your sales funnel and to fix it, I send a further 2 lead magnet engagement emails to get as many email subscribers as possible to open the email, engage and then click on the link to get the lead magnet that they originally requested.

When I build a campaign like this, I base it around a particular topic and usually send out 3 content emails usually video tutorials that teach something of value about the topic with a soft pitch at the end for an offer about the topic.

After the 3 content emails have been sent, I then have a break for a day or two and then send out 2 promotional emails both promoting an offer at the core of the goodwill campaign.

However, email subscribers can only enter this campaign by actually opening the email and then clicking on a link in the email that then drops the prospect into an automation that sends them further content and offers based around topic for the campaign.

Structuring my campaigns in this way allows me to segment my email subscribers into separate campaigns and automations based on topics that they have shown interest in and hence boosting engagement and giving me far better results than just sending my email subscribers random offers and content that they have not shown interest in.

This campaign won’t get everyone to engage so for the people who don’t engage with this first goodwill campaign, I will usually have a break for 2 days and then I will run a second goodwill campaign following exactly the same strategy but based around a totally different topic.

You are probably wondering how you can set this sort of email campaign up and what CRM tools allow you to do this. Well you need a CRM solution such as Infusionsoft or Active Campaign that allows you to set up automations that prospects can enter based on their behaviour.

This is a complex subject and is out of the scope of this blog post, but to give you an idea of how one of my Goodwill campaign automations is structured, below is a screenshot of two of my automations in Active Campaign:

Goodwill Campaign automation

And whenever a prospect clicks a link in any of the 3 lead magnet engagement emails, they then get dropped into this automation for one of my goodwill campaigns:

Goodwill campaign 2

So that is how I personally maximise engagement and results by segmenting my subscribers based on their behaviour and the topics they have shown an interest in by dropping them into targeted goodwill campaigns.

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