In this video blog post, I walk you through a simple sales funnel for coaches and consultants that will predictably and consistently attract high quality leads into your sales funnel plus getting super high quality prospects booking a sales call with you.

Here is what you will learn in the video….

  1. I will walk you through the opt-in page where I go over how I constructed the headline and the hook to attract only the highest quality prospects.
  2. I then walk you through the thank-you page after someone opts-in and I dissect the case study video so that you understand how I positioned it to get people excited whilst creating demand for my help.
  3. I then walk you through the form prospects have to fill out in order to book a sales call with me. The form is designed to filter out the people who aren’t a good fit for my services and to make sure that they actually turn up for the discovery session with me.
  4. I finally walk you through the Facebook Ad that I used to drive traffic into the sales funnel. I break down the messaging of the ad, why I said certain things, how I built instant rapport and respect from the ad so people were more likely to opt-in and book a discovery call with me.

This particular sales funnel is incredibly simple (there are only 3 main parts to it) and if you put your mind to it, you could probably build it out within 24 to 48 hours even if you have never built a sales funnel before.

However one last thing that I will say, is it is critical that you build instant trust, respect and rapport from your ad and into your sales funnel with your free case study and training video so that more people are likely to book a sales call with you.

And in order to maximise sales, have a follow up email marketing campaign that delivers the case study video, provide additional content to build the relationship with your new leads and to provide value and then have a few promotional emails that promote your sales call.

If you have any questions or comments, post them below!

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