So you want to scale up your Facebook ad campaign and potentially spend big bucks so that you can make $$$$$$$? Well if that is you, I want you to read every word of this blog post because it could save you thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars in wasted ad revenue and a lot of frustration.

The reality is, scaling a Facebook ad campaign to high budgets of over $500 per day isn’t easy or for the faint of heart. There are many pitfalls that uninformed or inexperienced business owners will fall into that will lose them thousands of dollars.

What most people tend to do is start their campaign on a low budget (which is smart) and then they just whack up the budget which causes the critical ad metrics and their cost per lead to shoot up and guess what happens next? They lose money and in some cases A LOT of it.

This causes many people to think that either Facebook ads don’t work or they can’t be run at high budgets, both of which are not true.

Like anything, there is a ‘system’ of how to scale Facebook ad campaigns the right way that will ensure that you will continue to make a healthy ROI at high budgets.

And in this blog post, I am going to give you 6 solid, actionable tips of how you can scale your Facebook Ad campaign to $500 per day and beyond so that you can continue to hit your KPI’s and continue to make a healthy ROI.

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But before I give you these tips, I just want to explain what happens when you start upping the budget for your Facebook ad campaign. So if you are focusing on lead generation and you’re driving traffic into a sales funnel, you will be using the Website Conversions Objective.

Using this objective lets Facebook know that we want conversions and if you let Facebook take care of the bidding automatically (which you should) Facebook will find you the people in your audience who are most likely to convert based on certain data points that it has.

And depending on what you are spending per day, Facebook will show your ad to people in your audience who are most likely to convert. And these people who convert, are the low hanging fruit.

However as you start to scale the budget, Facebook will start showing your ad to more people in your audience who are potentially less likely to convert. And this is why your KPI’s and ad/campaign performance can decrease.

So this is why when you scale your Facebook ad campaign budget, you have to do it in a controlled manner so that your campaign maintains its performance.

So now you know why people screw up when trying to scale the budget on Facebook ads and a little bit of how Facebook ads work when using the Website Conversions objective. I will now give you 7 actionable tips of how you can safely scale your Facebook ad campaigns to $500 per day and beyond.

  1.  Have a proven converting sales funnel and offer. If you want to scale your Facebook ad campaigns, then you need to have a proven sales funnel that converts and can turn a decent profit for you on what you spend.  You need to know that when you spend $1 you are getting $1.50 or $2 out or at absolute worse, break even. Until you have a sales funnel that can do this, you are not ready to scale. It doesn’t really matter what kind of sales funnel or conversion mechanism that you use, it can be a general upsell sales funnel, a webinar or an automated product launch funnel. The only thing that matters is that it makes money for you.
  2. Have A Proven Offer:  If you want to run a profitable and scalable Facebook ad campaign you will need a solid and proven offer at the heart of your sales funnel. That means that you must get good at copywriting or hire an A-Grade copywriter to put your offers together for you.This is actually the most important part of an profitable Facebook Ad campaign.
  3. Match your budget to your audience size. Where a lot of people go wrong when scaling a Facebook ad campaign is that they set their daily budget far to high for the size of the audience. As a general rule of thumb, you can spend $10 per day for every 10,000 people in your audience. If you go over this budget/audience size ratio, your campaign numbers will go completely out of whack.
  4. Know your numbers. If you are scaling big, you MUST know your numbers so that you know exactly what it will take for your campaign to be profitable. And there is a super simple formula that if you adhere to, will tell you EXACTLY what it will take for your Facebook ad campaign to be profitable. And here is the formula: CPA<ATV.
    This simple formula simply means that your cost to acquire a customer MUST be less than your average transaction value. Your average transaction value is simply the sum of all of your offers in your front end sales funnel. If you can achieve this, you are guaranteed to be profitable.
    And once you know these numbers, you can calculate the rest of your ad metrics such as CPL and CPC etc so you know what your campaign needs to hit so that you can be profitable. If you want to learn more about how to calculate your FB ad metrics so that you can be more profitable, read the blog post that I wrote here.
    When I launch a new sales funnel, I aim to make a $2 to $1 return within 30 days. Once I have achieved this, I can then scale.
  5. Use Lookalike Audiences. If you want to reach more people who are similar to the people who have already become leads or buyers, create Lookalike audiences based on either your conversion pixel or your buyers list.
    What I do, is to create a 1% lookalike audience and a 5% lookalike audience based on the conversion pixel I have used for my campaign and I create these audiences for each country that I am using in my campaign.
    What I then do, is create a totally separate campaign for my lookalike audiences (as I found that they convert better this way) then I test the 1% campaign to see if it converts and keeps within my KPI’s. If the 1% lookalike audience converts, I will then test the 5% audience. If both convert well, I will combine both audiences and scale the budget.
  6. Scale Gradually. If you have an audience that is converting well, you can increase the budget in that ad set by 10% to 30% every 24 hours. The strategy here is to keep increasing the budget by 10% to 30% every 3 to 5 days until your numbers go out of whack. If your numbers do go crazy, then simply return your daily budget to the last budget point where your audience converted within your KPI’s. In this scenario, your ad set should normalise within 3 days, but it can take longer in some cases. If the ad set fails to perform again, simply turn it off and create an identical one.
    You can scale faster by duplicating winning ad sets and setting your daily budget to a much higher budget right off the bat. However this strategy is much more risky and might not always work.
    But my advise is to scale slowly using the strategy outlined above because you are scaling your budget in a controlled manner that is less likely to upset Facebook’s algorithm.
  7. Combat Ad Fatigue. One of the big problems Facebook advertisers face when scaling their budgets is ad fatigue. This happens when your audience no longer becomes responsive to your ad and creative and hence your ads performance drops and your KPI’s go up.
    To combat this, you need to rotate and keep your ad images fresh so that your ad maintains performance. Once you have found your control (or winning ad) simply create slight colour variations of the winning ad, and then rotate them so to maintain your campaigns KPI’s.

When should you switch up your ads creatives? Quite simply when your ads performance dramatically drops off or when the frequency of your ads reach 2.0.
However one strategy that I have been using that is working great to combat ad fatigue at scale is to use text only ads. What I do is to simply write a text ad, put it on my Facebook page and then attach it to my ad when creating my campaign. Using this strategy has allowed me to get crazy relevance scores of between 8 & 10 and also to get clicks for as low as $0.08 at scale which is crazy!
Why does this work? Simply because that the text ad looks like a normal Facebook post, is native in appearance, has no garish images and they are written in a way that compel my audience.
So my advise to you is to keep things very simple with your creatives and test all the different ad formats to see what works best!
So those are my 6 top tips of how you go about scaling a Facebook ad campaign to $500 per day and beyond. I think that the biggest piece of advice that I can give you when you are ready to scale is to increase your budget slowly in a controlled manner and don’t become greedy or over eager for results!

If you want to learn how to create Facebook Ads that will attract your ideal customers and clients, you can read the following blog post that will guide you through the entire process. You can read it here.
Take it slowly and you will achieve outstanding results with your Facebook ads at $500 to $1,000 per day and beyond. However, if you have tips that work for you when scaling your Facebook ad campaigns, why not comment below?

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