In today’s video blog, I discuss the 3 key things that you MUST do if you want to maximise your Facebook Ad campaigns chances of success and profitability.

One of the biggest mistakes amongst Facebook Advertisers is that they fail to plan their campaigns properly and get the foundations of their campaigns nailed before they launch them.

Your Facebook Ads campaign success is directly proportional to the strength of the foundations that you create for your campaign.

So what I am going to do now is just run over the 3 things that you must do in order to maximise the success and profitability of your Facebook Ad campaign.

1.First of all you need to know exactly who your perfect customer avatar is. You need to know who they are, what their fears and frustrations are, their problems and ultimately what they desire. You need to create a complete customer avatar so that you can construct your messaging around your ideal customers problems and desires.

2.Secondly, you need to figure out your complete ad strategy of how you’re going to guide a person from being a cold prospect to a new customer and multi-buyer.

The first thing you need to do is to create awareness of you and your brand. So typically here, you want to be releasing great content in the form of blog posts and video content that helps your audience and builds the relationship with them.

You then want to retarget the people who have engaged with your content with your offer. This can be a lead magnet or a free training to get onto a webinar or you can drive people directly to a paid offer if you have built the relationship up effectively.

Then once you have acquired your customers, you want to be putting relevant offers in from of them with retargeting ads so that they purchase more from you.

3. Once you have your ad strategy nailed, then you need to get the most important part of your Facebook ad campaign right….your offer.

If no one in your audience wants your offer, or it doesn’t satisfy a big need in the market, then your ad campaign will fail. So always take the time to make the most compelling offer that you can that aligns with your markets problems and desires.

If you implement the 3 tips above, then your Facebook ad will be geared up for success and you’ll be way ahead of most of your competitors!

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