One of the most critical parts of running a successful Facebook Ad campaign is being able to target your audience precisely. In a nutshell, you need to make the right message to the right audience.

If your audience or messaging is wrong, then your Facebook Ad campaign will bomb. Not good right?

Well, pin pointing your audience just got a whole lot easier because Facebook has been rolling out it’s new targeting feature which is called, Facebook Flex targeting. 

This targeting feature allows you to precisely target your audience by allowing you to  include people who match more than one interest, behaviour or demographic.

You can also EXCLUDE interests, behaviours or demographics as well.

This allows us to get very SPECIFIC with our audience targeting.

I must stress, that this new targeting feature is only available in the power editor (for the time being).

So lets take a look at how this new targeting feature works…

Below is an image of the options that you get with flex targeting.

Flex targeting 1

So as you can see, you have options to target MORE than one interest, behaviour or demographic as well as to exclude an interest, behaviour or demographic.

This is one of the most significant updates Facebook has made to its advertising platform and it is a bit of a game changer because it allows you to really narrow in on your target audience and really specific with your targeting.

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So that you can understand how this all works in practise, I will run through 2 examples below:

Facebook Flex Targeting Example 1

Say that you are in the tennis niche and you sell online tennis courses. You want to target people who play tennis a lot and who want to improve their game.

Normally, a lot of people would just hop onto Facebook and fill in the targeting section and target say Roger Federer.

You are probably thinking, this would be a great person to target because he is one of the most well known tennis players and sportsman on the planet so his audience would be a great match?


The probably with Roger Federer is that he is an international celebrity and has a large audience outside of people who play tennis. So you need to also include someone who only tennis enthusiasts will know.

So you start to think, how about Andy Murray? Whilst he is popular globally he is nowhere near as popular globally as Roger Federer.

But even Andy Murray is not specific enough because some people outside of tennis will know who he is.

But someone like David Ferrer whilst he is a top 10 tennis player isn’t nearly as well known as Roger federer and Andy Murray and only people who follow and play tennis will know who he is.

So he would be a great match addition to our flex targeting option. So here is what this looks like:

Fb Flex targeting 2

So in the above example, we have our broad interest which is Roger Federer but we are also including an “and” statement and saying that people who like Roger Federer must also like David Ferrer, so we are now targeting people who like Roger Federer AND David Ferrer.

So we can now target a hyper targeted audience of enthusiastic tennis players.

Facebook Flex Targeting Option 2

In this example, say that you sell an online gaming app for smartphone users and we want to target smartphone users who are interested in online gaming.

So here is how we would go about building a targeted audience using flex targeting:

Facebook Flex Targeting 3

So in this example, we are targeting people who are smartphone users, who are interested in online games but we are EXCLUDING people who only have a 2G connection.

So here is what the final audience looks like:

  • Men who live in the United States
  • Who are aged 18 to 30
  • Who are smart phone users
  • Who are interested in online games
  • And we’re excluding people who have a 2G connection

If you are selling an online gaming app for smartphone users, this would be a hyper targeted audience for you and gives you an audience of 14,000,000 hyper targeted users to target!

Are you starting to see the power of this new targeting feature yet?

I am heavily testing this new targeting feature and I will report back with some new data soon.

So here are three easy points to remember when using this targeting option:

  • Find the enthusiasts in your market by adding a broad interest and then narrowing your audience with a more specific interest only enthusiasts will know
  • Use Facebook’s And-Or targeting to focus in on your audience
  • Use exclusions to exclude people who don’t match your audience

Have you used Facebook’s new flexible targeting yet? Do you need ant help?

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