Do you want to get started with Facebook Ads and beable to generate more leads and sales for your business? Then keep on reading…

As a Facebook Ad expert with over 5 years experience of the platform, I can tell you that if you aren’t using Facebook Ads for your business, then you should be.

Facebook Ads presents a massive opportunity for you to generate leads and sales for your business on demand. And I will now show you some proof to backup this statement up with a screen shot of a campaign that I recently ran for a client:



The above campaign generated 1,086 leads and £4,020 in immediate sales and on-going monthly sales. So the immediate ROI for this campaign was 101% on an ad spend of $2,000.

And I could give dozens more examples of results like this but hopefully you get the point…Facebook Ads work and get results if you set them up the right way.

But how do you setup Facebook Ads So That You Can Generate Leads & Sales?

This is a question that is most likely at the forefront of your mind if you have never used Facebook Ads before or have tried to run Ads before but achieved disappointing results.

So rather than tell you how to create a Facebook Ad in the Ads manager or Power Editor, I am going to give you 5 high level tips of exactly what you need to have in place so that you can generate more leads and sales from Facebook Ads and turn Facebook in a profitable channel for your business. So lets get started…

Tip 1) You Need a Solid Offer. Just like in the Mcdonald’s irresistible offer above, your Facebook Ad campaign will live or die based on the offer(s) that you make. You need to sell a product or service that people actually need or want and if there is no current demand or desire for your product or service, then you need to create desire amongst your audience. If you have a weak offer that no one wants, then it doesn’t matter how good your targeting or your ad is because if no one is going to buy your product or service, then you will lose money on your Facebook Ad campaign. So create irresistible offers that your audience can’t help but buy.

Tip2) Use a Sales Funnel. If you don’t know what a sales funnel is, it is simply a linear online sales process that you can use to sell your products or services online. And if you want to generate sales from your Facebook Ads at breakeven or better, then I would strongly advise that you use one.

The whole purpose of using a sales funnel, is to generate leads and then turn them into immediate customers so that you can recoup your ad costs and generate a solid ROI so that you can spend more on ads to acquire even more customers.

My advice is to keep your sales funnel as simple as possible and to only offer one or two offers throughout the funnel itself. Sales funnels that offer many upsells and offers can become complex and a bit of a nightmare to get them profitable due to the many moving parts that they have.

Tip 3) Use A Specific Lead Magnet. In order to get people into your sales funnel, I strongly suggest that you use an opt-in page (or a lead magnet as it is also known) so that you can collect email addresses of prospects and follow up with them later with your offers.

In order to get people to give you their email address, then you need to give away something for free that is valuable but critically is specific and solves part of a bigger problem that your audience currently has.

You see, your lead magnet will be the first transaction that will happen in your sales funnel and it is a very important transaction because it helps to setup the prospect to purchase your offer(s) in your sales funnel by helping to solve a specific problem that they currently have which then seamlessly flows into your offer(s) that then guide your prospect towards their desired end result and up your value path.

Your offers in your sales funnel simply ‘give more’ and continue the relevant conversation that your lead magnet started. Good lead magnets can be free reports, checklists or templates, training videos or free trial offers.

The key to a high converting lead magnet is to offer a specific solution to a specific problem that your market has and speaks directly to your audiences desired end result.

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Tip 4) Target Potential Buyers. The best kind of cold audience to target is those people who have bought a product or service that is similar to the one that you are selling.

So how do we do this? The best way to do this is to target your direct competitors audiences i.e. their Facebook pages. This is the best way to target people who are most likely to buy (outside of your custom audiences) because some of the people who follow your competitors pages will have bought your competitors products or services. BINGO!

However, this might not always be possible because you might not always beable to target your competitors fan pages using interest targeting, especially if their following is small. If this is the case, use the audience insights tool so that you can find similar pages to your competitors that you can target.

Tip 5) Get Your Messaging Right. The copy that you write for your Facebook Ads will be critical in attracting only the highest quality prospects to request your lead magnet, join your email list and go through your sales funnel.

So how do you write great Facebook Ads? The best way to start your Ad is by asking a question that either speaks to your audiences desired end result or identifies a problem that your audience has that your lead magnet will ultimately solve.

Then simply give your solution that will help them achieve their desired end result or will solve their problem!

So now you know the 5 key things that you must have in place in order to run a successful Facebook Ad campaign that will generate you as many leads and sales as you want.

If you want to go into deeper depth into how to create Facebook ads that will attract your ideal customers or clients, then this blog post will guide you through the entire process. You can read the in-depth blog post here.