About The Author: Grant Delmege has over 6 years experience with Facebook advertising and has helped dozens of businesses generate high quality leads with Facebook adverts whilst maximising ROI using advanced sales funnel and email marketing strategies.

If you are currently running a Facebook advertising campaign to generate leads for your business, are you satisfied with your results? Are you generating enough quality leads for a low enough cost? Are you seeing a healthy ROI on your advert spend?

If you are unhappy with your current results and would like to improve them, then I have a real treat for you! In today’s post, I am going to give you 5 advanced tips of how you can instantly generate more leads from your Facebook ads, whilst increasing your ROI.

So lets get right into it!

Tip 1) Create A High Converting Lead Magnet

Your lead magnet, is one of the most crucial parts of your Facebook lead generation campaign so it is critical that you create your lead magnet correctly.

Below are 5 quick tips of how to create a high converting lead magnet.

  1. Come up with a unique hook or big idea that will get your prospects to take action. Your hook is your unique marketing message. Ask yourself, “What makes your solution different and seem new”? “How can you differentiate yourself”?
  2. Be ultra specific
  3. Offer one big solution and not lots of little ones
  4. Speak to a known desired end result. What does your audience crave?
  5. Offer rapid consumption. Avoidy lengthy and boring e-books and video courses. Your lead magnet should be consumed in around 5 minutes or less!
    Here is an image of my of my own lead magnets for you to view:



Lead magnet Image 2

Tip 2) Target The Right Audience

This is a critical part of your Facebook Ads lead generation campaign and if you target the wrong audience, your cost per lead could become very high and also your sales conversion rate will be poor as well.

So you need to first find out who your perfect customer/client is and create a customer avatar. In order to do this, you need to anser these questions:

  1. Is your perfect customer male, female or both?
  2. How old are they in?
  3. What are they interested in?
  4. What websites do they visit?
  5. How much do they earn?
  6. Where do they live?
  7. Who are your market leaders and celebrities?

Answering these questions will help you to identify your perfect customer avatar. In order t do your research, use quantcast.com which is a free service that alows you find out the demographics of the visitors of the websites that you are interested in.

Alexa.com also offers great demographic tools but this is a strictly paid for service.

Once you have created your customer avatar, you can now go over to Facebook and use Audience Insights to build the audience of people that you want to reach with your advert.

Audience Insights is an awesome audience research tool, so definitely use it!

Here is an image of Facebook’s audience insights tool:

Audience Insights Tool Image


Use Interest Targeting First

If you dont have an audience yet such as website custom audiences or lookalike audiences, then you should start with interest targeting first.

To effectively target your audience using interest targeting, you need to use your customer avatar data and use audience insights to target the pages of interests, your market celebrities and your competitors to hone in on your ideal audience.

If you are launching a new Facebook Ad lead generation campaign, keep your audience size to between 500,000 to 1,000,000 people. This is the perfect audience size sweet spot to test a new audience.

Scale & Reach More Targeted Prospects & Create A Lookalike Audience

If you have an audience that has performed well and you want to scale your campaign by reaching more targeted prospects, create a lookalike audience based on your conversion pixel that you are using for your lead generation campaign if you have achieved 100 conversions or more.

Then add a broad interest to the lookalike so that you can create a similar audience to the prospects who have already become leads so you can reach more prospects and generate even more leads.

Drive Traffic To Content First & Build A Website Custom Audience

The reality is before a prospect wants to become a lead or a customer, they want to learn more about you and your brand to see if you can help them. They will want to see a demonstration of your knowledge, skills and results.

So to give new prospects this confidence in your knowledge and ability, drive traffic to highly valuable content first on your blog and then create a website custom audience of everyone who has read the blog post and then re-target this audience with a Facebook campaign to get them to sign up for one of your lead magnets.

This is a ninja Facebook re-targeting strategy that can reduce your cost per lead and increase sales because you have given valuable content up-front and demonstrated your skills and knowledge and begun the relationship with your prospects.

Tip 3) Improve Your Facebook Advert Copy

I have a very simple Facebook advert formula that works like crazy and here it is:

  1. Start by asking a question and where relevant and appropriate, try and hit your audiences pain point.
  2. Then provide your solution.
  3. *Important* maintain consistency with your messaging and images between your Facebook Ad and your lead magnet. This has been shown to measurably, increase conversions.
    Here are a few of My Facebook Lead generation Adverts:

canape FB ad image       Fb Funnel Ad Image 7


Tip 4) Choose The Website Conversion Objective.

If you want to maximise the most number of leads possible for the lowest cost from your Facebook advertising campaign, then you need to use the Website Conversions Objective.

By using this objective, we are telling Facebook that we want to optimise our campaign for conversions and NOT website clicks to a page.

Below is an image of how to select the website conversions objective from within Facebook Ads manager:

Fb Website Conversions Image

In order to to use this objective, you will need to create a conversion pixel and place it on the thankyou page after someone opts-in to your lead magnet.

You can create a conversion pixel easily from within your adverts manager as can be seen in the images below:

Go to your adverts manager and click on conversion tracking:

Conversion Pixel Image 1

Click on the green “Create Pixel” button:

Conversion Pixel Iamge 2

Simply copy the code and install it on your thankyou page after someone opts-in to your lead magnet:

Conversion Pixel 3

Tip 5) Improve Bidding & Optimisation

This is an important part when creating your Facebook Ads lead generation campaign. You first of all, need to optimise the bidding and pricing for website conversions and then let Facebook  automatically bid for you so that you achieve the most leads for the best and lowest price.

This can be seen below:

Fb bidding Ad

Then once your campaign is generating enough leads at a low enough cost, you can start experimenting with other bidding and pricing strategies by creating separate Ad Sets so that you can reach more of your audience and generate more leads.

So there you have it! If you implement these 5 advanced Facebook tips that i have shared with you, I guarantee that you will generate more leads and increase your ROI with Facebook advertising!

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