"Take Action. Get The Results".

Who Am I And What Is My Mission


My name is Grant Delmege and I am the owner and founder of Search to Convert and my mission is to help business owners, entrepreneurs and marketing professionals just like you, to grow your business or career using the very latest tried and tested digital marketing strategies.


I personally believe that it has never been easier for businesses to attract their ideal customers and clients due to the sheer amount of different places they have at their disposal to put their message in front of their ideal audience.


But the challenge for business owners is knowing how to use and leverage all of the available paid traffic sources, customer acquisition and monetisation strategies so that businesses can acquire leads and customers profitably so ultimately they can experience business growth.


But my mission is to give business owners, entrepreneurs and marketing professionals the trainings and knowledge that they need, so that they can then use and leverage the very latest paid traffic sources, customer acquisition and monetisation strategies so ultimately they can grow their business or the businesses that they currently work for.


Leverage My 11 Years’ Experience of Digital Marketing…


I started my first online business at the end of 2005 and in the past 11 years, I have used, tested and perfected the art of driving traffic using PPC advertising and monetising traffic by using various customer acquisition and monetisation systems and strategies so that I can create business growth both for my business and my clients businesses.


However what makes me different is I don’t just do this for my business, I also do this stuff for my clients as well.


And in 2016 alone, I have generated over 35,000 leads and well over $1 Million in revenue for my clients. And I have used the very latest digital marketing strategies in order to achieve these results.


And now I want to pass this knowledge on to you, by documenting all of the systems and processes that I have used to achieve these results so that you can implement them easily for yourself into your business so you too can experience business or career growth with digital marketing.


So if you are looking to learn and leverage the latest digital marketing, customer acquisition and monetisation strategies so that you can generate more leads and customers and ultimately more revenue and profit so that you can predictably grow your business or progress your career as a digital marketing specialist, then you are absolutely in the right place.


I will look forward to welcoming you to the Search to Convert family.


Kind regards,


Grant Delmege


Owner & founder, Search to Convert